The coffee/ Milkshake area adds a clever social aspect to this diner. Where clients can order a soft drink in the morning and work on their laptop, or have cocktail milkshake in the evening and chat to friends, perfect for those who are not there for a meal. The muted Grey chairs and dark blue walls allow the bold reds, that of a typical diner, to stand out. The cluster of pendant lamps mixed in with the 3 nest of tables add to the mix of elevating the diner to a contemporary aesthetic.
 We can really see how Matteo has tied everything together here. Modern squirrel cage bulbs throughout the restaurant link the three different areas neatly with lighting. I love the candy stripe effect, a classic milkshake straw reference, which seemlessly integrates a support structure for floating box shelving units into the over colour scheme of the restaurant. 
 The candy stripe is cleverly mirrored in the playful wall paper surround. Every component is considered on colour and relevance to it's old counterpart, the American Diner, to make this eatery a fabulous blend of classic and modern. 
 And finally, let's not forget where we are! Matteo hasn't and he reminds us with a fantastically kitsch, bright red, old London style phone box (seen in picture 2 ) And a quirky police Tardis phone booth to make a rather ordinary entrance to the staff only store room that little bit less ordinary! 
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