Shooting Furniture As A Still Life Set Up

Maybe it’s just me, but I really dislike pack-shots. I’ve never felt a pack-shot on a white, grey or graded background ever does anything beneficial for furniture. And while I do understand the point of pack-shot photography, I won’t be the photographer to supply it anymore. Even though interior and architecture photography is a service, I think you can tell through the results if you’re truly passionate about what you’re photographing and I just don’t think pack-shot photography is a service anyone gets excited about.

Here are some examples of my previous pack-shots and whilst a clear and clean document of the pieces, they just leave me feeling flat inside.

In fact my approach to product photography is no different to how I approach a regular interior or a still life shoot. I always encourage location over studio to any client asking for product shots. If you sell from a shop let’s shoot in the shop. Not to mention the ease of shooting the furniture as it arrives rather than the fuss of getting pieces to a studio. The chances are, when selling luxury items, you probably sell them from a luxury interior design oasis. So why not use it to your advantage?

Here are some examples from a beautiful, luxury interior design and furniture shop called Decorum Est on the King’s Road. The Key is to create interest with styling, like in any interior shoot, but not so much it detracts from the product.

Now we have decided to shoot in the shop itself or in a chosen location home, the next decision is the overall look and feel we want to promote. This will coherently link all the products together in a pleasing manner without the soullessness of a blank background. When producing still life images for furniture I try to maintain consistency throughout the consecutive shots to enable an attractive, clean and uniform look, perfect on a website or in a brochure. While collectively the images sit handsomely on a page to display a product it is important that each individual image is strong enough to sit on its own. 

What’s great about shooting this way is they can be promoted as a set or independently of each other. You’ll have a selection of images great for little postcards, or if you want to use them on Instagram/Facebook, for blogging/LinkedIn or for the monthly newsletter. We all know how important it is to have plenty of content for social media and this way of shooting is perfect for that usage too.

These images are Casa Botelho’s martini tables. His branding is ‘Masculine Glamour’, so the styling of the shoot had to emulate the mantra of the brand. They look great on his website and social media and this format really helps to show off his slick furniture pieces in style.


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